Planet Reset

Planet reset

Over the coming months we will be running a series of podcasts with global influencers, business and technology leaders and experts to give insights into how the world might look post COVID-19 crises. 

The events in recent months have highlighted major fault lines in business models of today, and a new level of change is required at a rate never been seen before.  How will change need to be delivered to meet this new normal? What we do know is life has now changed, but will it be a complete reset?

Planet reset hosted by David Fenton with co-host Andrew Eatherington of P3MO. This introduction outlines the purpose behind Planet Reset Podcast series

A clip of Episode one where special guest George Smith uses the award winning film Apollo 13 as an analogy to explain the worlds response to the COVID-19 lock-down

Host David Fenton and co-host Andrew Eatherington of P3MO interview special guest George Smith on the intricacies of customer experience and how that will play out post COVID-19. Key takeaways include including a solution first approach,  value of customer experience and a discussion on Gov.uk’s digital transformation approach