The Team

P3MO is a company founded by Transformation professionals, with over 35 years of delivery experience. Our goal is to change the way that the World delivers change. Providing a partnership approach to transformation, we bring people, tools and a unique technology solution “Connect”, to deliver a transformation journey unlike any other

Andrew Eatherington

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is an experienced management consultant, an expert in Lean Six Sigma and has 16+ years’ of operational, transformation and technology delivery across manufacturing, services and not for profit.  Andrew is responsible for business strategy and governance

Samuel Kenrick

Director of Product

Samuel has 5+ years’ experience as a management consultant across utilities, professional services and infrastructure, delivering business transformation and data analytics solutions. Samuel is responsible for product vision, strategy and development

Jason Farmer

Chief Technology Officer

Jason is an expert in the development of Microsoft technologies with 24+ years’ experience as a technical developer specialising in Marine, Finance, and Motor Sport industries. Jason is responsible for our technical approach 

David Fenton

Chief Marketing Officer

David has 20+ years’ experience delivering business and digital transformation programmes globally. David is responsible for Marketing, Digital and everything Social

Martin Cullinane

Director of Operations

Martin has 25 + years’ experience delivering solutions to the transformation sector. Martin is responsible for  Business Operations, delivering P3MO strategy and vision

Simba Kuguwe

Head of UI/UX Design

Simba has 5+ years’ experience as a multimedia designer. Simba is responsible for design and user experience bringing style and flair to P3MO


James O'Sullivan

Associate Consultant

James has 20+ years’ experience developing technical change and is a MS Azure expert. James has operated extensively in the Financial services sector delivering complex software solutions

Phil Betts

Associate Consultant

Phil has 20+ years’ experience in delivering large scale transformation programmes across private, public and charitable sectors including health, defence, housing and rail

Andrew Cavacuiti

Associate Consultant

Andrew has 20+ years’ experience delivering strategic and operational Supply Chain Transformation. An extensive track record of delivering cost reduction and process optimisation across a multitude of industries and supply chains

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