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My 2020 Rewind

Looking back now It seems as though 2020 came and went in a flash however even though we remain in the midst of a pandemic life does go on. Having lived through, like most, my first world health crisis it has been eye opening as to how us as homo sapiens can learn to adapt. Having reflected over the festive break before the natural chaos of January, new year resolutions aside, it was interesting looking back through the chapters of 2020 in reverse chronology and from my own perspective. 

Can I leave the house or not? – Bringing in the New Year

I am not sure how many times I was unsure as to which Tier I was or was not in throughout the year – not to mention the added confusion of tracking the Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish methods which led me to question whether the UK was actually the UNITED Kingdom. From one National lockdown to another… and back again. This culminated in a very confusing time, however that aside we had some good news, the Vaccine was upon us. So does life return to normality after we get the vaccine? it appears not quite yet! 

Your Project Toolkit – A Very P3MO Winter

Despite these unprecedented times, at P3MO we managed to launch a new product in December of 2020, Your Project Toolkit, an easy-to-use set of Guides, Templates and Frameworks for practical project management. This was a great effort and helped tease out the joys of a remote team; ‘errm I think you are on mute?,’ ‘Oops not that document, this one… wait not that, give me a minute’, ‘I can see you but not hear you’, common struggles that needed to be overcome to ensure that Your Project Toolkit was a success and released to our timetable, set pre-lockdown in more certain times. 

We have all contended and now ‘mostly’ conquered our new online jobscape struggles, common struggles we have adapted to with a pace unlike any previous evolution has seen on this scale, whether through a gritty determination, comradeship in challenging times or due to plainly having no other choice, adapt or fail, the country and the world have risen to the challenge and chosen to adapt. 

Bringing a new product, after adapting to this new landscape, to market, on time and to schedule with a fully remote team was a huge lightbulb moment for me! My mind went straight to what businesses of the future could and will have to look like; Will offices be a thing of the past? How would this impact those traditionally manual industries such as manufacturing? What will happen to commercial property? While we speculate over all future scenarios, dreaming wildly of futuristic and advanced solution to these latest problems, while secretly hoping for a return to the status quo and what we perceive as the normality of our pre-lockdown lives, one thing is certain, businesses have been changed and there is no going back. Businesses seem to be taking up the mantra ‘change is good’, adapt and succeed, do not look back you are not going that way.  

We are allowed out again – A Summer of fun for all!

Having experienced the first ever national lockdown, we entered a period of limited socialisation, bringing some normality back to our lives, but never really feeling the same as before, in what now feels like a past life, lived by someone else entirely. It felt great just being able to get out of the house (I am sure you were the same) and my mind immediately focussed on getting away for a break, as ironic as that may seem, after being locked in the house for what felt like an eternity, while only actually being a few months. After many a sleepless night (and debates with the other half) I convinced myself that going away was not going to be the best way forward. To further compound the pain of that decision, to put the health of myself, my loved ones and the Country above the need for a well-deserved break, I had to suffer through the media blasting’s of people in their bikinis on beaches, abroad and in my favoured location Brighton beach, with attached headlines like ‘Local council closes beach and turns masses of holiday makers away’, this ensured that I remained not guilty for sending the media and government into a ferocious frenzy about COVID implications. While I know I made the right decision, what I would not have given for an ice cream and a stroll along Brighton Pavilion with the sun blazing, before a stop in my favourite pub for a meal and a drink. 

P3MO! We have Launched – Our 2020 Kickoff

Having been in development for more than 12 months prior to lockdown it was a fantastic moment to launch in May however this was not without its challenges given the pandemic. Sharing our products and services with the world was great and although very positive, it was insightful and encouraging to see how we could further refine and develop in the future to better serve specific problems in relation to digital transformation.  

Bob the builder 

As working life was consumed with platforms such as Zoom and Teams, video calls dominated every hour of every day, however as my evenings fast became dull and the days of a mid-week meal or pint at the local became non-existent, I followed the trend of Do It Yourself. Having postponed the simple tasks of hanging pictures for most of 2019 I figured this was a good place to start. It was whilst I was exploring the intricacies of DIY (if you can call it that) where I was reminded of my younger days and the importance of “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey” as I attempted to screw into the concrete wall forgetting those critical raw plugs – The super DIYers will understand.  From hanging pictures and painting this very quickly escalated to gardening, flooring and electrics before deciding it was all too difficult and outsourcing it to local builders to finish off most of the jobs I started. 

There is a virus… where? 

It was a normal start to the Year however not long after we launched into January, we were seeing the WHO declaring a global health emergency amid thousands of new cases in China. Therein began my curiosity as to what on earth could be causing this. After several weeks, it was not long before cases were seen across Europe ultimately ending in the UK enacting its first national lockdown and every news channel in the country giving their “scientific” opinion. 

As someone who has travelled most of their career it meant for a step change from being on the road or in air to a vicious cycle which took me from the bedroom, to the kitchen and finally ending up in the home office, with the odd time at the breakfast bar to keep the day interesting as I enjoy the view of the garage instead of the neglected shrubs which I have failed to maintain in prior years. 

Although 2020 may have been a tough year for all, it was certainly a year to remember as well, a year of learning, of adapting and of always looking forwards!

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