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It‘s no time to go Back to the Future

Some years back I found myself driving down yet another motorway, heading home to Hampshire, after spending a challenging day on site with a client attempting a Transformation Programme. As my mind organised my actions for the next days to do list, I wondered why every project meeting required so many people to come together in one room and spend hours listening to a few key individuals to make a few but not always correct decisions. 

Now this will not be an unusual experience for anyone involved in transformation projects, we have all witnessed those people that MUST be in the meeting not to add to value but to feel of value. We have all witnessed those costly consultants who borrow their clients Rolex, just to tell the client the time; stakeholders requiring time consuming detailed explanation of minor issues, which every other project member knew before entering the room and maybe most frustrating of all the procrastination of decision making due to a key stakeholder prioritising an internal meeting rather than being present to sign off on crucial next steps. 

If I jump to today, writing this blog. I am no longer required to travel to client sites. We have embraced technology; it is now OK to sit at my home office desk and work remotely. The World has moved on due to necessity and I have become a Teams, Skype, Zoom Master, (this achievement level should exist if you can operate meetings across all these mediums, without leaving yourself on mute or have your dog bark at the Amazon delivery driver at key moments!). My day now is filled with video calls and I realise that just like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, I am now living in that World that fully embraces technology, except for the flying car or hoverboard! 

So, we have all recently shown we can adopt change, quickly and embrace technology to work more effectively. So, is this now time for Transformation Programmes to change how they operate too and be more effective?  

Due to the impact of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, every company will need to look at how it operates, to meet the challenges ahead. The need for transformation has probably never been greater, whether you are on a cost reduction project or adapting your offering to maximise opportunity. How to manage transformation effectively with almost certainly less budget than ever before, will be key to providing transformation success. 

There is now an opportunity to embrace change and not go back to a standard approach to transformation.  Be brave and change the way to you deliver change. By utilising dynamic, live transformation data you can provide stakeholders with immediate decision-making capability that will drive less procrastination, and by supporting your internal teams improve their skills, capability and improve collaboration. The outcome will reduce transformation costs and take you to a new future, where you own and deliver your own transformation programme. 

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