Intelligent Transformation

The world will change more in the next 30 years than it has done in the last 300 years. 

Transformation is evolving within every industry due to digitisation and the rapid drive of technology, making it easier to collaborate, automate and control your day to day work activities.  

However, are businesses and large transformation programmes really seeing the benefit of technology and changing their transformation approach?  

Having led major transformations globally over the last 20 years I’m concerned things haven’t really changed. Yes, we have a multitude of cloud solutions to manage projects, tasks, and plans. We have collaboration tools and online video meeting software, which makes it easier to connect project teams and drive remote working. There are new methodologies to drive faster and more productive delivery outputs, however there are still two very significant problems which remain despite the rapid rise of technology solutions. 

 ·         The quality of information which feeds businesses, transformations and processes can lead to misleading reports on how well programmes are performing and potentially skew forecasted outcomes. In many cases poor information feeds the business and leads to poor information out, resulting in leaders making the wrong decisions which can be fatal for a business or transformation team. 

·         We continue to fail to learn from mistakes, allowing transformation teams to continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly. If poor data is feeding the business transformation then lessons cannot be learnt, improvements cannot be made, transformations will continue to fail. 

It is clear businesses are not changing their transformation approach and utilising available technology to give better insights and drive better decision making to improve transformation delivery.  

Businesses need to start thinking about Intelligent transformation and utilising technology to make transformations more intelligent and informed led, achieving levels of change never thought possible before. 

What is Intelligent transformation? 

Intelligent Transformation is about applying technology to help leaders and transformation teams make better informed decisions based on previous delivery results and outcomes. It uses historical transformation data to be used to inform future teams to help improve delivery success. 

Transformations are still very much one dimensional and rarely use data from multiple programmes to drive improvements. Advanced levels of intelligent transformation allow transformations to think, make decisions, learn and drive behaviours, offering multi-dimensional benefits. 

Think of Intelligent transformation as a virtual transformation brain in the heart of a business transformation, which controls, learns and makes recommendations to help guide teams through change and major decisions. A transformation brain works continuously to obtain data, so transformations become more intelligent and informed led. 

P3MO are leading this level of advanced transformation and have a mission to change the way the world delivers change. 

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